Position PApers

 The primary objectives for the development of Front Range Alliance Church (FRAC) Elder Position Papers are as follows:

  1. To set forth FRAC’s beliefs as one Alliance Church among many Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches throughout the United States.

  2. To establish FRAC’s own particular philosophy of ministry, vision and theological persuasion.

  3. To provide a foundation from which to select church leaders for now and the future.

  4. To provide a consistent framework from which all of the church’s teaching ministry should be accomplished.

  5. To present a clear picture of this local church to new families that are considering it as their church home.

In fulfilling these objectives, we wish to make it known that we will not establish a theology, position or philosophy of ministry which contradicts or goes against what it means to be an Alliance Church as that is presently defined.

Further, it is our desire to accept, love and work with believers from other churches and denominations even when they do not agree with our own understanding of God’s Word, except in those areas that we consider essential to saving faith. In addition, it is not our desire to turn away anyone because they do not agree with all of the positions that define our uniqueness. If any can fellowship with us knowing that there are differences and honor those differences, we welcome them and will do our best to make them feel a part of this local assembly.